We went to fun dive at Shimoji Island

2 June 2018 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:26℃ Seawater Temp:25.4℃ Wind:E

Starting early in the morning, with 2 dives planned for the day with our experienced guest from Okinawa, we decided to go to Antonio Gaudi and to Marine Lake.

【Dive1 Antonio Gaudi】

Okinawa Miyakojima Antoniogaudi Diving
Antonio Gaudi

As a first dive we chose the Antonio Gaudi dive site as a request from the guest, after getting in the water we swam across the natural channels easily until we found the astonishing cave that we call “Antonio Gaudi”. The reason of the name is understood instantly, though not being a huge cave, it has many arch and windows that resembles the crazy and amazing architecture of the Catalan artist Antonio Gaudi. Entering from the lower part we visit all the cavities playing with it as we ascend and exit it through the top window, on the top part we can see a heart shape arch. Exiting from the top we start the return to the boat zone while playing with strong currents that changed direction all the time. Right under the boat we take our time to explore the “white road”, a canal with a pebble bed that grants it the name, exploring that part we are able to see a huge hidden giant moray and a much smaller whitemouth moray before heading back to the boat.

【Dive2 Marine Lake】

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Marine Lake
Marine Lake

After a much needed break after the dive with strong currents, we head to the next dive site “Marine Lake”. We jump into the water and head towards the entrance of the cave. We navigate the narrow cave, finding a couple rooms with natural light, and we follow until finding the pond, a much smaller pond than Tori pond, but very beautiful, even with many seaweed hanging from the surface to the bottom, as the visibility was quite good the spectacle was amazing. After resting at the pond for some time, we head back, only to spot at one of the openings we saw before, a group of blotcheye soldierfish swimming peacefully in perfect harmony with the light effect coming from the surface, that image froze us for some minutes where we could do nothing more than stay still observing. After that spectacle we headed back towards the boat to end an amazing diving day.

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We went to Shimoji with introductory diving and fun diving (3/29)

29 March 2018 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:24℃ Seawater Temp:23.8℃ Wind:E

Today, We went to Shimoji Island.

【Dive1 Nakanoshima Hole】

okinawa miyako shimoji nakanoshima hole
Nakanoshima Hole

Fun diving team goes to Nakajima hole, course and introductory team goes to in Marine Lake.
The fun diving team is heading for shallow water towards the Nakanoshima hole.
And have taken the turtle on the way to the hole, a large Manta Ray is went past two.
The guests were very excited.
We could see a dynamic topography by going down the hole to 25m.

okinawa miyako shimoji marine lake introductory diving
Introductory Diving

Introductory diving with Italian and Japanese at Marine Lake.
Germans of the NAUI course underwater tour while practicing Neutral Boyancy.
We saw Clark’s anemonefish, Tomato anemonefish, Clown anemonefish, Pink anemonefish, Redtoothed trigger fish, Moorish Idol, Longnoose butterflyfish and many fishes.

【Dive2 Coral Hole】

okinawa miyako shimoji coral hole
Coral Hole

2nd dive went to the Coral Hole.
Guest said he wants to see sharks.
We headed to the hole at once.
We saw a lot of Blotcheye soldierfish, Moontail bullseye and Sweeper.
But we could not find a shark.
Introductory diving with Italian and Japanese at Naruhodo The Cave.
They enjoyed the topography.

【Dive3 Devil’s Palace】

okinawa miyako shimoji Devil's Palace
Devil’s Palace

3rd dive went to the Devil’s Palace.
It is the most famous dive site in Miyako.
Light was beautiful today even at the entrance of the Devil’s Palace.
The Devil’s Palace was so wonderful that light entering hole was very beautiful.
It was very exciting diving.

German of the course completed skill check, compass navigation, emergency swimming ascent, and marine practice ended.

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3 Boat diving with guests from Hong Kong

20 May 2017 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:25℃ Seawater Temp:25.8℃ Wind:ESE

Today, We went to the 3 boat fan diving to the Shimoji.

【Dive 1 Tori Pond】

Tori Pond

Today’s first dive went to the Tori Pond as requested.
The visivility is good and the blue sea is very beautiful.
We saw Chemocline on the boundary between freshwater and saltwater.
We went surface toward the pond.
Today there were many tourists.

【Dive 2 Beehive Hole (Marine Lake)】

Beehive Hole

Beehive Hole has two ponds.
As it was cloudy today, there was no beam of light to plug into the pond.
We embarked on the pond and took a memorial photo.
It was very amazing diving.

【Dive 3 Devil’s Palace】

Devil’s Palace

Point of request Devil’s Palace.
It is a very famous dive site in Miyakojima Devil’s Palace.
It was a dark palace with no sunlight, but it was mysterious.
It was very beautiful.

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We’re dive with Taiwanese guest to shimoji (2 OCT)

2 October 2016 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:32℃ Seawater Temp:29℃
Today, We went to Shimojijima for 3 boat diving.

Dive 1 Antonio Gaudi
There are lots of Redtoothed triggerfish under the boat.
Antonio gaudi is the topography such as maze. There is also a topography that looks like a heart. We saw Red Lion Fish at the bottom of the sea.

Antonio Gaudi
Antonio Gaudi

Dive 2 Marine Lake
Here is a dive site with 2ponds. We went surface in 1 pond in it. The pond is fresh water mixes with seawater.
The light of the sun shows very fantastic world to us.

Marine Lake
Marine Lake
Marine Lake
Marine Lake

Dive 3 Devil’s Palace
The “Devil’s Palace” is the most famous dive site in Miyakojima.
Beam of light to entering in an entrance and main palace is very beautiful.

Devil's Palace
Devil’s Palace
Devil's Palace entrance
Devil’s Palace entrance

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Today’s guests came from France

29.Mar.2016 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:20℃ Seawater Temp:22.8℃ Wind:SE

Todays,We went to shimoji Island area for 3 boat diving.

Dive1 Hon Drop
Today’s first dive went to see the big fish.
We saw a 6 Giant trevally and Napoleon fish.
There were a lot of giant trevally today.

Giant trevally
Giant trevally

Dive2 Marine Lake (Honeycomb Hole)
2nd dive went to the dive site of the Cave & pond.
Guest for the first time of the cave diving.
He was very interested in cave diving.
We went surface into the pond.
Beautiful hole and the light.

Marine Lake
Marine Lake
Marine Lake
Marine Lake

Dive3 Devil’s Palace
Today’s last dive to the devil’s palace.
The sky is the sun glimpses!
But there was a light in the palace.
Palace in the straight light!
Guest is excited!

Devil's Palace
Devil’s Palace

Light was fantastic and beautiful.

Devil's Palace Entrance
Devil’s Palace Entrance

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