Diving with a Hungarian guest at Irabu island

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22 July 2018 Weather:Sunny & Cloudy Air Temp:30℃ Seawater Temp:29.6℃ Wind:SSE

After yesterday’s typhoon, today started with very light wind, no signs of rain and good temperature, for the first time in a week we headed towards Irabu island with our Hungarian guest, as a first dive we dove double arch to warm up a little bit, and then we went to twin hole where it started to rain as we were diving and until we came back to mainland.

【Dive1 Double Arch】

okinawa miyakojima diving arch
Double Arch

The dive started quickly and even if our guest last time diving was 5 years ago everything went very easy, we headed towards the deepest part of the dive before going into the crack that leads us to the first arch. There we could enjoy a couple of big angelfish dancing in front of us, and after taking some pictures with the arch we entered the cave. Inside the cave we found a big group of red soldierfish and we took some good pictures playing with the entrance light. Outside the cave we found the second arch, a heartshaped arch, and looking closely we could see a very big lionfish. Finally we went to a shallower area enjoying many of the typical Miyako fish before coming back to the boat on a 50 minute dive, good job!

【Dive2 Twin Hole】

okinawa miyakojima diving topography cave
Twin Hole

On the second dive we moved straight to the cave called twin hole, where we could watch the inside ceiling and the blue entrance light that gives it it’s second name “blue hole”. There we met our other Japanese guests that were snorkeling, and after heading out we swam to the deepest wall to get back to the boat, we got down to 17/18 meters and found a huge octopus trying to change of colour in a desperate move to hide from us, or maybe frighten us. After taking some pictures we kept going watching the amazing shapes the coral takes at this point and finding a cute family of clown anemone fish. Finally coming back to the boat we enjoyed playing with some bubble rings before finishing our 55 minute dive.

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