Today We went to Shimoji Island

okinawa miyakojima diving Antonio Gaudi

3 June 2018 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:26℃ Seawater Temp:25.4℃ Wind:ESE

The day started cloudy and we could see rain on the horizon, but hoping for the best we headed to the boat to start the diving day, 2 dives today, one in the morning with a couple of Open Water Divers with whom we visited the White Road, and another on the evening for an introductory diving at Nakanoshima Channel.

【Dive1 White Road】

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Tomato Anemonefish
Tomato Anemonefish

Luckily avoiding the rain, we set course to Shimoji Island with a couple of Open Water, after stopping at the White Road area, we met under the boat and started swimming following a big wall, after a while we headed back to follow the White Road finding an anemone with a family of Crack’s anemone fishes and finally visiting a small entrance of a cave. Getting back we didn’t have the same luck and we caught some rain, luckily we were already wet!

【Dive2 Nakanoshima Channel】

okinawa miyakojima Introductory Diving
Introductory Diving

For the second dive of the day we started with big rain, just to lose it when we start heading to the Nakanoshima Channel. We start the Introductory diving with our 2 brave Japanese couple and after explaining the basics we start a tour around the channels where they could appreciate the beauty of the hidden undersea world. We visited the channels, passing under arcs, visiting rock formations, finding a family of the famous Anemone Clown Fish, and we took many many pictures to remember the day! After the dive we enjoyed some extra time snorkeling around observing peacefully the hard corals and swarms of fishes dancing around us. After that exciting day we head back to the port with more than a smile onboard.

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