We went to fun dive at Shimoji Island

okinawa miyakojima diving Antonio Gaudi

2 June 2018 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:26℃ Seawater Temp:25.4℃ Wind:E

Starting early in the morning, with 2 dives planned for the day with our experienced guest from Okinawa, we decided to go to Antonio Gaudi and to Marine Lake.

【Dive1 Antonio Gaudi】

Okinawa Miyakojima Antoniogaudi Diving
Antonio Gaudi

As a first dive we chose the Antonio Gaudi dive site as a request from the guest, after getting in the water we swam across the natural channels easily until we found the astonishing cave that we call “Antonio Gaudi”. The reason of the name is understood instantly, though not being a huge cave, it has many arch and windows that resembles the crazy and amazing architecture of the Catalan artist Antonio Gaudi. Entering from the lower part we visit all the cavities playing with it as we ascend and exit it through the top window, on the top part we can see a heart shape arch. Exiting from the top we start the return to the boat zone while playing with strong currents that changed direction all the time. Right under the boat we take our time to explore the “white road”, a canal with a pebble bed that grants it the name, exploring that part we are able to see a huge hidden giant moray and a much smaller whitemouth moray before heading back to the boat.

【Dive2 Marine Lake】

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Marine Lake
Marine Lake

After a much needed break after the dive with strong currents, we head to the next dive site “Marine Lake”. We jump into the water and head towards the entrance of the cave. We navigate the narrow cave, finding a couple rooms with natural light, and we follow until finding the pond, a much smaller pond than Tori pond, but very beautiful, even with many seaweed hanging from the surface to the bottom, as the visibility was quite good the spectacle was amazing. After resting at the pond for some time, we head back, only to spot at one of the openings we saw before, a group of blotcheye soldierfish swimming peacefully in perfect harmony with the light effect coming from the surface, that image froze us for some minutes where we could do nothing more than stay still observing. After that spectacle we headed back towards the boat to end an amazing diving day.

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