We went to Shimoji Island with guests came from Germany

japan okinawa miyakojima diving Devil's Palace

11 May 2018 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:26℃ Seawater Temp:24.0℃ Wind:ESE

Today’s in the morning, We went to Shimoji Island with guests came from Germany.

【Dive1 Nakanoshima Hole】

japan okinawa miyakojima diving nakanoshima hole
Nakanoshima Hole

1st dive, we went to Nakanoshima Hole.
We dived and headed to the Nakanoshima Hole.
The entrance of Nakajima Hole is at a depth of 5m.
Hole will straight down to a depth of 25m.
Sunlight entering the hole is very beautiful and wonderful.
When we were go down to 25m, we saw a topography that looks to Moomin profile.
We left the hole. And we went to see Clown anemonefish and Clark’s anemonefish.
They enjoyed themselves very much.

【Dive2 Devil’s Palace】

japan okinawa miyakojima diving Devil's Palace
Devil’s Palace

2nd dive, we went to Devil’s Palace.
Devil’s palace is the most famous dive site in Miyakojima diving.
Today’s weather is sunny. It is a very good condition.
The entrance of Devil’s Palace was filled with sunlight and it was very beautiful.
We arrived at Devil’s Palace, we saw a fantastic world.
Silver sweeper was while shining under sunlight.
Devil’s Bed Room was able to see the beam of sunlight.
Guests enjoyed while very excited.

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