3 boat fun diving to shimoji and night diving at kurima (10/Mar)

10 March 2018 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:20℃ Seawater Temp:22.4℃ Wind:NE

Today, We went to 3 boat fun diving in Shimoji island.

【Dive 1 Mini Grotto】

Okinawa Miyako Diving Mini Grotto
Mini Grotto

Today ‘s guest came from Hong Kong.
First diving went to Mini Grotto.
We headed to the entrance of mini grotto.
When entering the cave there was a complex topography arch, and a pond was visible ahead.
We went to the surface of the pond.
We went back to the boat through the White Road.
We saw Tomato anemonefish, Clown anemonefish, Banded Coral Shrimp, Pyramid Butterflyfish, Redtoothed triggerfish, Redfin fusilier, Red Lionfish, Noble File Clam, Arc-eye hawkfish, Sweeper, Fire dartfish and a lot of fish.

【Dive 2 Coral Hole】

Okinawa Miyako Diving Coral hole White tip reef shark
White tip reef shark

Second diving went to the Coral Hole.
We headed to the entrance of the hole.
We entered the hole and saw many moontail bullseye and blotcheye solderfish.
I found a white tip reef shark.It was very small.
When we left the hall we found a big Heron ardeadoris.
We saw Tomato anemonefish, Clark’s anemonefish, Semicircle angelfish, Double-lined fusilier, Moorish Idol, Orangutan Crab, Redfin fusilier, Tevega cave goby and a lot of fish.

【Dive 3 Devils Palace】

Okinawa Miyako Diving Devil's Palace
Devil’s Palace

On her request, the third dive went to the Devils Palace.
We entered and headed for the entrance of the Devils Palace.
Devils Palace entrance light was very beautiful.
We moved a long cave towards the palace.
When arriving at the palace the sunlight entering the hole was very beautiful and a fantastic world was spreading.
We saw sweeper, Banded coral shrimp, Nudi branch, Long legged spiny lobster, Big-eyed soldierfish and a lot of fish.

【Night Dive】

Okinawa miyako night diving Striped Shrimpfish
Striped Shrimpfish

Guests after arrival and we went to night diving.
He came from Thailand in the repeater guest.
It is the third times diving in Miyakojima.
We enjoyed the night diving at Kurima beach.
We saw Cuttlefish, Banded coral shrimp, Striped Shrimpfish, Longfin Batfish, Tomato anemonefish, Clown anemonefish, Black-blotched porcupinefish and a lot of fish.

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