We went to Shimoji Island with guests came from Germany

14 January 2018 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:19℃ Seawater Temp:22℃ Wind:E

In the morning, We went to 1 tank boat introductory dive in Shimoji island.
He came from Germany. Also, he was first time diving.

【Dive 1 Nakanoshima Channel】

Miyakojima Okinawa Introductory diving nakanoshima channel
Introductory diving

I heard he enjoyed snorkeling yesterday. He likes to swim very much.
Before we headed to Shimoji Island, we explained skills at the port and practiced.
Today’s We dived in Nakanoshma Channel.
He was worried about the water from entering the inside of the mask.
It has been resolved immediately in the mask clear.
He was very good at neutral buoyancy, And he was very enjoying the diving.
We saw Tomato anemonefish, Clark’s anemonefish, Longnose butterflyfish, Teardrop butterflyfish, Saddle butterflyfish and a lot of fish.

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