Today ‘s guest came by honeymoon trip from Canada

28 November 2017 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:26℃ Seawater Temp:26℃ Wind:E

In the morning, We went to the 2 boat fun dives and introductory dive in Shimoji island.
He was a PADI certified diver, but she does not have a C card.
So he went to introductory diving with her.

【Dive 1 Hon Drop】

okinawa miyako shimoji giant trevally
Giant Trevally

First Dive, We went to Hon Drop in Shimoji Island.
Japanese certified diver is the first entry.
The guest of the introductory diving moved after practicing breathing.
Move along the wall with neutral buoyancy. When we entered the crack, we saw big Giant trevally.
This place is a cleaning station of Giant trevally.
Guest was very excited too much.
We saw Green turtle, Giant trevally, Tomato anemonefish, Clark’s anemonefish, Pyramid butterflyfish, Clown anemonefish and a lot of fish.

【Dive 2 Devil’s Palace】

okinawa miyakojima diving Devil's Palace
Devil’s Palace

Second Dive, We went to Devil’s Palace in Shimoji Island.
Japanese guests went to Devil’s Palace, but guests from Canada enjoyed the snorkeling.
The entrance of the Devil’s Palace was very beautiful.
And main Devil’s Palace was also very beautiful.
We saw Long legged spiny lobster, sweeper, nudi branch, Blotcheye soldierfish, Blue streak fusilier, Yellowfin goatfish and a lot of fish.
The guest waiting on the boat said “We saw Manta ray”.

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