Guests from Germany came for diving and snorkeling with his sister

3 March 2017 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:18℃ Seawater Temp:23.6℃ Wind Direction:NE→ENE→E
Today, We went to Shimojijima for 3 boat diving and Snorkeling.

Dive1 Mini Grotto (Mini Tori-Pond)

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Mini Grotto(Mini Tori pond)
Mini Tori Pond

His sister snorkeled, he went to a Mini Tori pond by diving.
Explaining that we go into the cave and go to the pond, the guests are excited.
It goes through the cave and heads to the pond. The curtain of sunlight entering into the pond was very beautiful.
We went out of the cave through the topography of the Benz mark. We saw a Hawksbill turtle.
He said ”very amazing experience.”.

Dive2 Nakanoshima Hole

Okinawa Miyakojima Diving Nakanoshima Hole
Nakanoshima Hole

The second diving also went to the topography.
Nakanoshima Hole will go down to the depth of 25m in vertical hole.
We went through the cave and saw the dynamic topography.
It looks like the “Moomin face in profile”.
We saw a big moray eel at the exit of the hole, And we saw a Clown anemonefish on the wall.

Dive3 Coral Hole

Japan Okinawa Miyako Island Diving Coral Hole Whitetip Reef Shark
Whitetip Shark

Guest requested want to see shark.
The third diving went to the coral hole.
We saw a lot of anemonefish, triggerfish, Goldlined sea bream, Double lined fusilier under the boat. And into the hole we saw lots of Moontail bullseye, Blotcheye soldierfish, Black-stripe sweeper. We were able to find two Whitechip Reef Shark in the hole on the right wall. The guests were very excited, he took a lot of pictures.

It was a great diving.

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