Diving with the guest from Mongolia

30 May 2016 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:31℃ Seawater Temp:27℃ Wind:NW

Yesterday, We went to Fun Diving in the morning.
She came from Mongolia.
And we went to the “Blue Cave” in Irabu island.
She said, got the C card in Okinawa main island 10 years ago.
She is a blank diver and there was anxiety in the ear clearing(equaliza the pressure in the ears).
However, she was able to go underwater without a problem really.

We saw many “Clark’s anemone fish” near the Cave and Threespot dascyllus also lived there together.
We went into the Blue Cave. Blue was very beautiful.

Irabu Island "Blue Cave(Twin Hole)"
Irabu Island “Blue Cave(Twin Hole)”

We saw Tomato anemonefish, Clark’s anemonefish, Dusky batfish, Dogtooth tuna, Black-stripe sweeper, Double lined fusilier, Fire dartfish, Blackfin dartfish, Longnose butterflyfish, Threadfin butterflyfish, Saddle butterflyfish, Blackspotted puffer, Ark eye hawkfish, Threespot dascyllus and a lot of fish.

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Diving and Snorkeling with the guest who came from U.S.A

26 May 2016 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:30℃ Seawater Temp:27℃ Wind:NW

Today, We went to Diving and Snorkeling in the morning.
They are families who came from the United States.
The sea is very good condition, wind is weak and wave is quiet.
He acquires C Card and was the first diving. But his diving was very good.
They said, The sea is very great and very beautiful.
They was very impressed by coral and a lot of tropical fish.

Red lionfish
Red lionfish

We saw Hung dascyllus, Reticulated dascyllus, Clown anemonefish, Tomato anemonefish, Red lionfish, Lagoon triggerfish,longnoose butterflyfish, Threadfin butterflyfish, Green turtle and a lot of fish.

Also, her daughter enjoyed the snorkeling.


Snorkeling with the guest who came from Hong Kong

20 May 2016 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:29℃ Seawater Temp:26℃ Wind:W

Today, We went to snorkeling with the guest who came from Hong Kong.
Wind is weak and wave is quiet.
They were requests and want to see the turtles.
We found a turtle as soon as you entry.
A turtle is having a meal.

Green turtle
Green turtle

There was an Tomato anemonefish near the turtle.
Guest took many photo and saw a lot of fish.
We found 6 turtles today.

We saw Cloun anemone fish, Tomato anemonefish, Orange anemonefish, Threadfin butterflyfish, Green turtle,Yellow-brown wrasse, Whitespotted puffer, Moorish idol, Humbug dascyllus, Blue devil, Blue green chromis, Triggerfish, and a lot of fish.

We went Snorkeling Today

14 May 2016 Weather:Cloudy Air Temp:29℃ Seawater Temp:26℃ Wind:E

Today,2 girls came from Austlaria.
We went to the “Hakuai Waiwai Beach”, because it was said that she want to see the turtles.
Here you can see the turtles with 99% probability.

They were very excited and find a green turtle.

Green Turtle
Green Turtle
Green Turtle
Green Turtle

Other fish, we saw Whitespotted puffer, Clown anemonefish, Clark’s anemonefish, Tomato anemonefish, Orange anemonefish, Moorish idol, Humg dascys, Blue devil, Butterflyfish, triggerfish and a lot of fish.

Large turtle and small turtle, We saw 6 Green Turtles today.
It was a very good snorkeling.

We went to Irabu area for 2 boat diving

9 May 2016 Weather:Sunny Air Temp:29℃ Seawater Temp:26℃ Wind:S

DIVE 1 “Snake Hole”
The first dive site is Snake Hole and there was a current in the water.
We went to the Hole and went surface on the air dome.
Mist sometimes occurs in the hole.

Mist in the hole
Mist in the hole

Also, we saw a lot of Peach fairy basslet and Scalefin fairy basslet in bommies of coral.
Guests were interested in a sea snake and took a photo.

DIVE 2 “Surgeon Reef”
We came to look for the big fish.
We saw Dusky batfish, Yellowfin goatfish and Goldlined sea bream.
However, could not to see the big fish
There were a lot of Clark’s anemonefish near the boat.

A lot of Clark's anemonefish
A lot of Clark’s anemonefish

We are safely stop under the boat, big Dogtooth tuna was passed.

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